CBD in Cosmetics: Everything You Need To Know

CBD in Cosmetics: Everything You Need To Know

A closer look at ingredients

Whether used for daily beauty routines or acute skincare concerns - more and more consumers are reaching for products containing the powerful ingredient, cannabidiol (CBD). But, what's all the hype about?

The origin of CBD cosmetics

Cannabis has been used in medicine for several thousands of years because, in addition to its intoxicating THC component, hemp also contains active ingredients that have a very healing and non-psychoactive effect. One of them is cannabidiol, also called CBD, which is obtained from the female hemp plant. In the first instance, hemp contains CBDa, whereby "a" refers to acid. Decarboxylation transforms CBDa into the CBD used. This natural extract is particularly popular in cosmetics because of its regenerative and antibacterial properties.

Effects of CBD

The natural extract CBD is said to have anti-inflammatory and calming effects. It also serves as a protectant against harmful environmental influences. Cannabidiol contains a variety of antioxidants, vitamin E and fatty acids. It has a beneficial effect on cell regeneration. On the one hand, it inhibits the breakdown of collagen and, on the other hand, prevents premature skin aging. This also makes it incredibly popular in anti-aging cosmetics.

The use of CBD in cosmetics

The transition from medical CBD products to cosmetics is pretty fluid. CBD cosmetics are considered to be nourishing, moisturising, pain-relieving, anti-inflammatory and promoting wound healing. Cosmetics with a CBD content are particularly popular with people with dry skin types, but in principle, they are suitable for all skin types. The use of CBD is almost unlimited: creams, ointments, serums, oils - CBD lipsticks and shampoo are also already available on the market. The natural all-rounder for your beauty regimen!

Effects of CBD in cosmetics?

  • promotes skin regeneration
  • strengthens the skin barrier
  • can calm itching
  • refreshes and smoothes the complexion

What to look out for when opting for CBD-infused cosmetics

Utilising the advantages of cannabidiol for skincare can leave your skin looking more even and refreshed. When opting for natural skincare, be sure that the formulas are free from silicones, paraffin and sulphates which could cause irritation. What's more, the purer and higher the content of CBD, the more effective the product is.