Vegan & Organic Cosmetics by Krayna

Ideal for men & women

KRAYNA was brought to life by Magda and Rosły whose aim it was to create an organic and vegan skincare line for men and women. The products contain a potent combination based on traditional botanical ingredients that unfold their effectiveness in unison. The beauty brand sources raw materials regionally where possible.

The brand name is based on the region of Krajna, a forested historical region in Poland that is in the vicinity of the birthplace of the two founders. Plants that are native to this region form the key components of the cruelty-free product line.

Krayna: 4 products


  • Krayna AY4 Plantain

    Krayna AY4 Plantain, 50 ml

    • Suitable for all skin types
    • Nourishes & hydrates
    • Anti-aging & mattifying effect
  • Krayna AY2 Water Pepper

    Krayna AY2 Water Pepper, 50 ml

    • Suitable for all skin types
    • Improves the skin's appearance
    • Highly moisturising
  • Krayna AY1 Cornflower

    Krayna AY1 Cornflower, 50 ml

    • Ideal for mature & demanding skin
    • Anti-aging effect
    • Soothes, hydrates & protects
  • Krayna AY3 Chestnut

    Krayna AY3 Chestnut, 50 ml

    • Suitable for all skin types - sensitive skin in particular
    • Anti-aging effect
    • Moisturises & regenerates

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