Our Winter Must-haves

Our Winter Must-haves

Winter cosmetics

During summer we prefer light-weight products: fast-absorbing moisture gels, fresh and floral fragrances and vibrant pastel shades. The colder months of the year call for change. The skin requires richer formulas, more intensive, heavier perfumes and, once the festive party season hits, red lips and bordeaux-coloured manicures. These are our favourite winter must-haves:

Rich skincare

The skin often has a very dry and taut feel during winter. This is due to the reduction in sebum production that takes place, which lowers the moisture level of the skin. To balance this, the creams and body lotions we use need to be of rich consistencies with nourishing properties. The L:A BRUKET Bergamot & Patchouli Body Butter is just that. It's the perfect hydrating solution for dry skin during winter.

Intensive Perfumes

Warm, woody and spicy fragrance compositions are the best picks during winter, paired with a hint of vanilla, tangerine and seductive amber. Rausch by J.F. Schwarzlose Berlin has a high concentration of perfume oils with woody, spicy, sweet and oriental accords. The perfume starts off with the warmth of pink pepper and sandalwood that transforms into the sweetness of vanilla and patchouli and is completed by the smoky notes of amber and oud. Aventure by Frau Tonis Perfum impresses with its peppery fragrance notes paired with a delicate scent of cedarwood.

Festive Shades

Christmas and New Year's Eve are reason enough to showcase a deep red lipstick and seductively burgundy-coloured nails. A classic red shade is a sure way to exude elegance. The Nailberry Nail Polish in Noirberry is a sexy wine-red shade that compliments any and every outfit. The LʼOxygéné colour palette is breathable, water and moisture-permeable, certified halal, vegan and gluten-free.

Scented Candles

Winter calls for scented candles to set the perfect mood. Snuggle up with low-dimmed candlelight and a glass of tasty mulled wine.