Hyaluronic Acid - The Inside Scoop

A component of virtually all anti-aging cosmetics: hyaluronic acid. What is hyaluronic acid and what benefits can it offer the skin. Learn more about the anti-aging weapon in today's blog post.

Hair Care Rituals for Spring

Get your hair out of hibernation and prep it for the warmer months of the year. Our 5 tips will help you to transform demanding hair to its former glory, nourish the scalp and minimise seasonal hair loss.

Sun Protection during Spring

Spring is nearly upon us. Sun protection goes hand in hand with increased sun exposure which is why today's blog post is focusing on the topic of SPF-enriched cosmetics whilst highlighting some valuable information about sun protection.

Brush Cleaning Tips & Tricks

Make-up brush collect product residues that can lead to skin impurities. To ensure that the bristles remain germ-free, it is essential to clean them on a regular basis. Here are some of our tips on how to keep your beauty tools in tip-top condition.

Hair Masks for Split Ends, Hair Breakage & Dryness

Cold and dry indoor air can put a strain on the hair. Hair breakage, split ends and frizz can often be the results thereof. Discover nourishing hair masks and conditioning oils that repair and protect the hair.