Pflegeroutine Monday, 27. May 2019 Know-How: Face Care

The perfect foundation for flawless-looking make-up is clean and natural skin. The market is overflowing with skincare products - toners, serums, cleanser, scrubs, exfoliators, face masks and more. Not only does one need to consider the types of...

Wednesday, 27. February 2019 Time to Spring Clean!

All good things must come to an end. This age-old saying also refers to our most loved and cherished make-up and cosmetic products. It's essential to check the expiry dates since the jar jars and pans that they are packaged it form the perfect...

Friday, 15. February 2019 Cellulite Be Gone!

Slowly but surely the mercury is rising and soon we'll be welcoming summer! Now is the perfect time to tackle our problem areas in prep for bikini season. Yes, that includes unsightly cellulite! 

Monday, 05. November 2018 Oils for Skin & Hair

Not only are body and hair oils alongside leave-in conditioning cosmetics trendy, they really pack the punch when it comes to benefiting damaged hair and blemished skin. Furthermore, these gems have preventative effects.