Solid Shampoo: Get the Scoop!

Solid Shampoo: Get the Scoop!

Less plastic, more nourishment

Solid shampoo & conditioner

Body wash, shampoo and conditioners in solid form are all the rage these days. The practical bars work like their liquid counterparts, the only difference being that water has been removed from the formula and replaced by concentrated, high-quality essential ingredients. A fantastic way to reduce your plastic usage, too.

Solid shampoos generally do not contain the usual amount of additives (such as silicones) and preservatives which means that the hair and scalp require some time to adapt to the new composition of ingredients. After the transition phase has lapsed, the hair becomes noticeably thicker and healthier overall.

The advantages at a glance:
⫸ No plastic packaging
⫸ Highly economical
⫸ Fewer ingredients; higher quality
⫸ Particularly gentle on the skin and hair
⫸ Perfect for travel

Moisture-boosting shampoo for your hair

Do you like plastic-free, vegan and gentle hair care products? So do we! That's why we love Foamie's solid shampoo! Aloe You Vera Much is enriched with aloe vera and almond oil, making it particularly suitable for drier hair types. It has a pH of 5.5 which is perfectly aligned to the hair and the scalp. Shop now!


Wet the shampoo bar and rub between the hands to create a delicate lather. Then, apply the foam to the skin and the hair, cleanse as usual then rinse. The bar is best stored on a soap dish outside of the shower so that it can air dry. Place the bar in a sealed container once dry until it is needed again.

Photo credits: FOAMIE