Vacay Beauty Prep in 5 Weeks

Vacay Beauty Prep in 5 Weeks

More frequently than not, our vacay outfits have been planned out weeks in advance, the wish list on our fave beauty shop packed with holiday essentials needed for our trip and our tech items lined up and charged as to not miss out on capturing all the exciting experiences scheduled. But, we end up being pressed for time when it comes to our beauty regime to-do's before we jet off into exotic sunsets.

Vacations are all about logging off, enjoying some well-deserved timeout and relaxing with friends or loved ones. So, we've set up a beauty to-do checklist so you won't be forced to waste valuable, unwinding time having to touch-up on your mani or shaving your legs.

5 Weeks to Go!

To enjoy a worry and hassle-free break away from reality, we need to scale down on the time needed for daily styling. At the 5-week mark, we suggest tinting the eyelashes and promoting their growth. Opt for an easy-to-apply eyelash growth serum that can be applied to the lashline in the evening after cleansing the face. Longer, thicker and denser lashes are visible after approximately 5 weeks, and in combination with an eyelash tint, you won't be needing to pack in a mascara.

2 Weeks to Go!

Making a trip to the hair salon is not at the top of the priority list when prepping for a vacay. But, hear us out: getting your tresses trimmed 2 weeks ahead of your journey can lead to fewer split ends forming when you're on holiday. Hair that is already split become even more damaged, splitting the length of the hair strand even more, due to seawater, chlorine and exposure to the sun. Cutting off damaged ends results in hair that is more resistant and appears healthier. Even so, the hair should be shielded against the harmful effects of environmental influences. We suggest applying a UV hair spray or an extra-moisture leave-in conditioner with integrated sun protection.

5 Days to Go!

Having to shave the legs, bikini zone and underarms on holiday can become somewhat tedious, and annoying. We recommended waxing or epilating these areas 5 days ahead of your journey to ensure hair-less comfort and bear-leg confidence of up to 4 weeks. The 5-day period also gives you enough time to allow any irritated skin to soothe and heal before take-off.

3 Days to Go!

We're getting closer so it's time to add a tint of colour to the skin with the help of self-tanners. But, before you going diving into self-tanning heaven, be sure to exfoliate the skin prior to application. This warrants a streak-free finish, especially in areas like the elbows and knees that tend to take on a darker shade than the rest of the body.

2 Days to Go!

It's mani and pedi time! Get your hands and feet vacay-ready with a full-on pampering treatment: feet are best treated with a combination of foot scrubs, foot masks, foot soaks and an effective pumice stone for a smooth finish. Opt for the season's trendiest shade to jazz up your nails. Also, be sure to seal the deal with a top coat for lasting, chip-free results.

1 Day to Go!

Wind down and take it easy a day before departing and treat yourself to a self-care evening with your favourite face mask pick, whether it be a sheet mask, peel-off mask or the traditional cream mask. Just be sure that no matter which mask you choose, it's loaded with moisturising benefits to smooth, plump, hydrate and boost radiance. Cosmeterie tip: enjoy an extra freshness boost by placing the mask in the fridge before use!