Scented Candles by LOOOPS

Handmade scented candles made in Austria

Heavenly, natural fragrances exude from the small LOOOPS manufactory run by Julia Schliefsteiner and Markus Niederfriniger in the heart of Salzburg, Austria. Only an exclusive blend of selected, natural essential oils with aromatheapeutic effects are incorporated into their assortment. Pure fragrances obtained from herbs, needles, blossoms and leaves. From "Bergluft" to "Knisterflüster" - enwrapped in pampering aromas that create a true candlelight oasis in the home.

The base of the LOOOPS candles is pure, plant wax - vegan and renewable. The green glass, sourced from recycled wine bottles, are catchy and characteristic at the same time. They are manufactured in cooperation with a Viennese company that supports small, traditional cottage industries in Romania with fair working conditions. Thus, valuable handcraft knowledge is preserved. The result is a collection of beautiful glass that care later upcycled to vases or tumblers.

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