Sana Jardin Luxury & Sustainable Perfumes

Extraordinary fragrances with a focus on sustainability

The French perfume brand is the first to combine luxury and sustainability in a very special way.

Behind the Sana Jardin brand is the "The Beyond Sustainability" movement which includes, for example, the "Orange Blossom Project". This is an initiative that ensures Moroccan women are fairly remunerated in the manufacture of perfumes and that they are offered a professional future by receiving special training. The scented oils are extracted from the orange blossoms required for perfume production, then the women process the blossoms into products such as scented candles or orange blossom water and sell them. They are allowed to keep the entire wages.

The aim is to pursue the zero waste concept, to teach women skills such as marketing and leadership skills and to help them achieve economic independence.

The fragrances by Sana Jardin contain a high concentration of essential oils and therefore have excellent sillage and above-average shelf life.

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