Diana Vreeland Luxury Perfumes

A hommage to the fashion icon, Diana Vreeland

These high-quality luxury fragrances embody the extraordinary personality of Diana Vreeland. She was an icon in the fashion and lifestyle industry, and stood out due to her theatrical, eccentric, confident, colourful and humorous manner. In addition to her passion for colours, photography, design, landscapes, textiles and performances, she felt a particularly great love for fragrances. Diana Vreeland surrounded herself with dozens of scented candles and incense sticks. She even perfumed her furniture and, during the time at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, she added perfumes to the air conditioners so that the rooms hosting her exhibition would have an inviting scent.

The Diana Vreeland luxury fragrance collection, that aims to capture her dazzling personality in all its facets, as well as her passion and enthusiasm, was inspired by and dedicated to this fascinating women. The eau de parfums are composed of high-quality ingredients and extraordinary compositions that embody something very special.

MARKEN / Diana Vreeland

Sorry, the brand Diana Vreeland Luxury Perfumes is no longer available.

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