3 Tips for Daily Stress Relief & Improved Sleep

3 Tips for Daily Stress Relief & Improved Sleep

Appointments, errands and poor sleep can take a toll on our body, skin and mind in the long run. Stress and worry is a very bad combination. More often than not the body, mind and skin takes on the effect of the heavy load. Read through our 3 top tips to relieve daily stress and improve sleep.

Relaxation via Warmth

Be it in the form of a herbal tea, a hot water bottle or a soothing bath - warmth loosens the muscles which relaxes the body. In addition, larger blood vessels ensure that the blood flow is improved. Bath additives containing essential oils enhance the relaxation effect. Magnesium has a positive effect on beauty sleep. The muscle relaxant is absorbed through the skin thus entering the bloodstream. alva Naturkosmetik Dead Sea Bath Salt is particularly rich in calcium and magnesium - ideal for a long, soothing bath.

The Shen Men Point

Massaging the Shen Men (or "The Gateway to Heaven according to ancient Chinese medicine), a pressure point in the upper third part of the ear, is said to automatically relax the body.

Simply place your index finger behind the ear and place your thumb on the Shen-Men point. Let your fingers massage the point using circular motions for about a minute. It is best to perform this short massage on a daily basis before going to bed.

Sleeping through the Night

There are a few things to keep in mind when going to bed to ensure a good night's rest. These include:

  • Darken the room as much as possible or use a sleeping mask
  • There should be at least three hours between the last meal and bedtime
  • Do not eat food that is difficult to digest (such as raw food or legumes) in the evening
  • No caffeine after around 5 pm
  • Do not take an afternoon nap
  • Go to bed at the same time each evening in order to develop a healthy sleeping rhythm
  • Don't drink too much water before bed
  • The room should not be too warm (between 17 and a maximum of 20 °C is optimal)
  • Air out the room before bed

Tip: YLUMI Sleep Capsules are natural nutritional supplements that can improve the quality of sleep thanks to the inclusion of passionflower, lavender, valerian and the natural sleep hormone melatonin.

So-called pillow sprays can also ensure a more peaceful sleep with the help of relaxing fragrance blends.

Photo credits: Hayley Catherine via Unsplash