Geisha - Ecological & Natural Beauty

Finnish-made natural shaving products

At Geisha, beauty and sustainability go hand-in-hand. Geisha stands for ecological and natural charm, placing great importance on natural and eco-friendly activities. The Finnish brand has developed a line of shaving products that are vegan, natural and zero-waste. Zero-waste and all-natural concepts are embodied in each and every product. Made in Finland.

Geisha: 3 products


  • Geisha Razor Blades
    • 50 razor blades per pack
    • Thin & razor-sharp
    • Smooth shave
  • Geisha Unscented Shave Soap
    • Smooth shaving experience
    • Handmade with natural ingredients
    • Moisturising cosmetics
  • Geisha Shaving Oil
    • Ideal as a pre & after shave treatment
    • Counteracts skin irritations
    • Ideal for sensitive skin

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