Food Supplement in Cosmetics

Food Supplement in Cosmetics

Everything you need to know about Nutricosmetics.

More and more, bathroom cabinets are lined up with pills, ampoules and encapsulated tablets for cosmetic purposes. Find out everything you need to know about nutricosmetics - food supplements in cosmetics - in today's blog post!

Why "Nutricosmetics"?

The term nutricosmetics is made up of two concepts: nutrition and cosmetics. It is where the 2 areas overlap. Nutricosmetics is said to fortify the skin, hair and nails whilst promoting their beauty. Here is an overview of the most important ingredients and their effects:

Vitamin A derivatives: protective, regulating properties on the function and resistance of the skin and mucous membranes.

Vitamin C: stimulates collagen formation and connective tissues, promotes skin regeneration and protects against harmful UV rays.

Vitamin E: prevents harmful UV rays and promotes cell membrane protection.

Omega-3 fatty acids: contribute to normal brain function, eyesight and heart function.

Gamma linoleic acid: contributes to regulating sebum secretion.

Beta-carotene: neutralises free radicals and promotes cell membrane protection.

What's behind nutricosmetics?

The so-called "beauty food" should serve as a supplement to cosmetic products, as these cannot penetrate into all the layers of the skin. They only have an effect on the epidermis. To a large extent, the aging process of the skin takes place much deeper.

Nutricosmetics should also support your beauty routine and protect the functions and structure of the skin. By strengthening the skin barrier, the skin can regenerate faster, store moisture better and strengthen the skin's own defences.

One advantage of nutricosmetics is the possibility of a targeted application. Various dietary supplements can be taken for certain skin concerns.

Don't overdose!

Dietary supplements can be a great addition to your conventional beauty routine. But you should also be careful and never take more supplements than recommended by the manufacturer. In addition, nutricosmetics cannot simply be combined with one another. Inform yourself beforehand otherwise unpleasant side effects may occur if the recommended daily intake is not carefully followed.

Food supplements are not a substitute for a balanced diet!