Hair Care: It All Boils Down To Ingredients!

Thursday, 07. March 2019

Hair Care: It All Boils Down To Ingredients!

The hair care essentials and routine should match the current season to protect it from external factors such as fluctuating temperatures and dry, indoor heating. These external elements result in very dry, straw-like strands. Dandruff is often present during the colder months of the year. To effectively care for your hair we suggest the use of a moisturising shampoo, intensive-care conditioner, using hair masks regularly and include, for instance, apricot kernel or almond oils for an added hair care boost.

Of particular importance are the ingredients found in the hair care product formulas. Ensure that they are all free from silicones. Silicones wrap around each strand where it forms a film that does not allow other products to penetrate the strands. We suggest opting for more natural alternatives containing high-quality ingredients.

Cosmeterie Tip:

Shiny hair - after shampooing and conditioning the hair give it a final rinse using cold water. In doing so, the hair follicle is sealed which in turn boosts shine.