Proper Use & Effectiveness of Jade Rollers

Proper Use & Effectiveness of Jade Rollers

Anti-aging massage

Lacking sleep and stressed with work? Then you need to get your hands on a facial roller! These little tools are a true game-changer: transforming the skin and pampering the soul. The facial rollers are made from healing stones, such as rose quartz, jade or rock crystal, unfolding their positive effects upon contact with the skin.

Effect of facial rollers

Massaging the face with a facial roller on a daily basis is incredibly relaxing and conjures a beautiful skin glow in a matter of minutes. Blood flow is stimulated, toxins are removed and collagen formation encouraged. The result is skin that appears radiant, fresh and glowing.

All the advantages at a glance:

⫸ Anti-aging effect
⫸ Anti-stress effect
⫸ Relieves puffiness and dark circles
⫸ Detoxifying effect
⫸ Intensive lymphatic drainage
⫸ Reinforces active ingredients in skincare
⫸ Natural glow after use

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Correct application

The facial roller should only be used on cleansed skin. Apply a serum or face cream to enhance its effect by massaging the face with the facial roller. General rule of thumb: Always glide the facial roller from the centre outwards and repeat the movement 3 to 5 times per section. Do not roll the tool back and forth. Always return to the initial starting point then repeat the movement.

  • Forehead: Place the roller at the centre of the forehead and roll towards the hairline. Repeat the movement 3 - 5 times. Then, roll from the centre of the forehead towards the temples. Repeat on the left and right side of the face several times.
  • Eyes: The small roller is intended for use around the eyes. First, close your eyes. Start by rolling from the inner eyelid towards the temple. Repeat the motion on the area underneath the eyes starting at the inner corner and working your way outward toward the temples.
  • Cheeks: Starting from the nostrils, roll over the cheekbones to the temples repeating this movement several times on both sides of the face. Here you can work your way down to the chin, i.e. start at the centre of the chin and roll along the jawbone towards the ear/temple ensuring to apply gentle pressure as you massage the area of the face.

Clean the facial roller with a sanitiser or mild soap under running water after use.

Cosmeterie tip: If you store your facial roller in the refrigerator overnight, you will achieve the maximum effect in terms of relieving puffiness and dark circles.

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