Zodiac Edition: Aries (21.3. - 19.4.) ♈︎

Zodiac Edition: Aries (21.3. - 19.4.) ♈︎

Beauty products that make their heart skip a beat!

Independent, spontaneous and passionate: these are often the characteristics used to describe an Aries.

Aries is known for tackling challenges in an optimistic manner and are always pursuing their goals. They are characterised by their distinct resilience and always keeps cool in stressful situations.

Today, we're revealing the true characteristics of our fellow Aries and which beauty products are sure to make their hearts skip a beat!


Birthday: between 21.3. and 19.4.

Element: fire

Planet: Mars

Birthstone: amethyst

Power colour: Red

Flower: poppy

Positive characteristics:

  • spontaneously
  • optimistic
  • passionate
  • independent
  • adventurous

Zodiac Beauty Set: Aries

We have compiled an exclusive beauty set for the special Aries in your life. It is based on the characteristics of the Aries and the power colour red.

The set includes:

What's more, our beauty set includes a free, stylish Cosmeterie drawstring bag made from 100% cotton.