5 Tips for Long, Resilient Tresses

5 Tips for Long, Resilient Tresses

For luscious-looking hair

Many women desire long, superb head of hair which opens the door to endless hairstyling options: braids, beach waves, elegant curls or buns. The right selection of product formulas is essential for achieving long, resilient and healthy-looking tresses. Read up on our tips on how to achieve just that!

Tip # 1 - Don't wash your hair with scorching hot water: Water that is too hot can dehydrate the hair faster. Therefore: when washing the hair, always ensure that the water temperature is lukewarm.

Tip # 2 - Only shampoo the roots of the hair: It is more than sufficient to focus on cleansing the roots. When rinsing the shampoo it tricks down the lengths and ends to clean them.

Tip # 3 - Nourish the lengths of the hair: Treat the lengths of the hair with conditioners, hair masks, oils or nourishing sprays to improve hair manageability. Begin by combing the product through the ends of the hair, working your way upward to minimise the risk of hair breakage.

Tip # 4 - Diet: Diet also plays a crucial role in achieving long and healthy-looking hair. This is mainly due to food that is rich in zinc, protein, vitamins A, C and E, iron and omega 3 fatty acids.

Tip # 5 - Using the right products: It is recommended to use hair care products formulated with high-quality ingredients. Our ultimate tip for achieving long, resilient tresses: the Long & Strong series by Medical Beauty. Browse their range of innovative product formulas with highly effective components that supple the hair with moisture, counteract split ends and minimise damage all at the same time.

For shiny, supple tresses full of volume!