5 Beauty Hacks for Summer

5 Beauty Hacks for Summer

The best trends for scorching hot days

We love summer! It's high time we adapt our beauty routines accordingly in order to enjoy the summer in full swing. Take a peek at our top 5 beauty hacks for scorching hot days.

Hack No° 1: Rice Water

Who doesn't yearn for a long, flowing mane? TikTokers have baptised rice water as the new miracle cure for well-groomed tresses. But, what's behind this trend?

Decades ago people in Japan soaked their hair in fermented rice water to stimulate growth. It is said to provide the hair with plenty of proteins, vitamins and minerals - a strong basis for healthy hair growth. It is questionable whether rice water really stimulates hair growth. For optimum hair growth, opt for professional hair care products that have also been scientifically proven in this regard.

Hack No° 2: Scrunchie

The '80s and '90s fabric-bundled hair accessory is back - just in time for summer. Create high ponytails, low hairdo's, braids or even messy buns. These nifty helpers ensure a stylish finish to any hairstyle. What's more, they are incredibly comfortable to wear, gentle on the hair and prevent hair breakage, tugging and kinks. The perfect hair accessory for summer!

Hack No° 3: Funky French

French manicure is all the rage this summer, but not in the classic sense! 2021 is reigning in a more colourful take on the classic mani. Swap out classic white tips with funky, colourful and summery shades reminiscent of a vibrant rainbow. Find some new inspiration using the following popular hashtags: hashtags #coloredfrench #funkyfrench or #frenchtipnails!

Hack No° 4: Salty Waves

Yes, that's right! Beach waves are so last year. Say hello to salty waves - the new generation of beach waves. Salty waves are more relaxed and purposefully more tousled. Achieve this effortless look by cleansing the hair with volume shampoo and finishing it off with a salty spray.

Hack No° 5: Gua Sha

The trend of all trends, even during summer. A face massage with the heart-shaped stone has a firming, relaxing effect and is the perfect anti-aging method to conjure up an impeccable glow guaranteed! Place the beauty tool in the refrigerator before using it for an incredible facial massage during summer.