6 Tips for a Healthy & Lasting Tan

6 Tips for a Healthy & Lasting Tan

Extend your summer tan with our expert tips

Find out how you can extend and prolong your golden, crisp tan this summer with our expert tips!

Skin prep

1. Exfoliation

The first requirement for a wonderful and natural summer complexion is created long before sunbathing. Treat your skin to a weekly peeling to remove dead skin cells and boost softness. This ensures that the skin tans more effectively and evenly. However, timing is everything! Be sure to exfoliate the skin well ahead of time - not only the day prior to sunbathing. Exfoliating the skin makes it more susceptible to sensitivity which means that it should not be exposed to UV rays immediately afterwards, since it could cause irritation.

2. Protect the skin from within

Protect your skin from within by consuming the right foods - especially those that are high in protective antioxidants, calcium and zinc. These substances preserve the health of the skin and ensure that your tan stays put for longer.

Antioxidants: citrus fruits, kiwis, strawberries, melons, carrots, tomatoes, peppers, spinach

Calcium: milk and dairy products, berries, broccoli

Zinc: Brazil nuts, cocoa, oat flakes

3. Consume plenty of fluids

Healthy skin is able to preserve a tan for longer. Therefore, it is essential that the skin is supplied with sufficient fluids to provide it with the moisture it requires. The rule of thumb is to consume at least 2 litres of water or unsweetened tea a day. Opting for green tea gives the body an extra portion of antioxidants.


4. Apply sun care properly

Most people remember to put sunscreen on themselves 20-30 minutes before sun exposure. For a healthy tan, it is also important to reapply your sun protection approximately every two hours. If you are not sure how much sunscreen you need, simply follow the " 2-finger rule ":

2 strips of sunscreen squeezed out onto the index and middle fingers from the palmar crease to the fingertips. Apply the sunscreen to the desired areas of the skin: 2 fingers' worth on the face and neck; chest and stomach; each arm, thigh and leg.

After tanning

5. Moisture, moisture, moisture!

Sun-stressed skin requires intensive moisture. Opt for a lipid-regulating after-sun lotion to improve the quality of the skin with hydration. As a result, the regenerative process of the skin will slow down which in turn prolongs the tan.

6. Be gentle on your skin

During summer it is vital to be particularly gentle on your skin. It is best to avoid using alcohol-based skincare products and hot showers to prevent dehydration. This will also ensure that your tan sticks around for longer!