Face Mapping: The Health of Your Skin

Face Mapping: The Health of Your Skin

The skin often reflects irregularities that occur in our bodies. With the help of our bodies, we can identify why impurities are formed and how to prevent them.

Generally, skin impurities found on the face can be prevented by following a proper skincare regime. Cleaners, toners, hydrosols, serum as well as day and or night creams are essentials that should form the basis of every skincare routine.

Impurities on the forehead can often signify a high-sugar or fatty diet. Staying hydrated and following a balanced diet may lead to a clearer complexion. Oftentimes, stress can also be a factor that leads to an increase in impurities on the forehead.

Upper Eyebrows
When our immune system is weak, impurities may become visible above the eyebrows. The best course of treatment is lots of rest and consuming vitamins.

Area Between the Eyes & Eyebrows
The area is directly related to the liver and is a sign to increase your water intake and stay clear of caffeine and alcohol, reduce your salt intake to take the load off the liver.

Impurities on the nose could be a result of a host of factors, for instance, it could be a sign of high blood pressure or too much sugar intake. It could also be a sign of a vitamin B deficiency. Increase your fish intake and reduce the amount of salt and salted foods. It also helps to incorporate more exercise into your daily routine.

Upper Cheeks
The upper cheek area is virtually a reflection of our immune system. Smokers, allergy sufferers and those often exposed to bad air are most affected by impurities in this region. However, the use of cellphones could also be a factor that should be considered. When making or taking a call, bacteria on the screen of your phone is conveniently transferred to the cheek. Furthermore, the upper cheek area is a region most touched by our hand. It's important to thoroughly wash and dry the hands on a regular basis.

Lower Cheeks
Impurities found on the lower cheek area are often linked to the teeth. Either products containing too much fluoride is used or something could be wrong with your teeth and/or gums.

Mouth Area
The mouth region is the chief cause of an acidic diet. It could mean that you are consuming too many lemons or vinegar-based dressings or food. However, it could also be a case of hormonal adjustments or stress.

Chin Area
Oftentimes, impurities have a tendency of forming in and around this area when we're close to having our period. This can also be the case if we're following an unhealthy diet. It is advised to up your skincare routine a week before your period starts and stick to a healthy and balanced diet.

Impurities form when sweating a lot in the chest region paired with not wearing breathable clothing or the skin not tolerating a specific perfume composition. It best to cleanse this area thoroughly, wear breathable clothing and either switch your perfume or opting not to wear any.

Stress is the main factor for impurities found on the shoulders. Stress can be reduced by planning out your day to include regular breaks and relaxing in the evening by either doing sports or taking a relaxing bath.

Impurities found on the back, much like the shoulder area, are largely a result of stress. However, wearing clothes that are not breathable or leaning back when sitting also lead to an increase in impurities in this region. This can be prevented by wearing breathable clothing and thoroughly cleansing the area.