Hair Care Rituals for Spring

Hair Care Rituals for Spring

An extra portion of love

Spring is finally here and it's time to get your tresses out of hibernation. Get your hair care regimen on fleek for the warmer months of the year and say goodbye to thin hair and damaged split ends.

5 Tips for hair care during spring

Our 5 tips will help you to transform demanding hair to its former glory, nourish the scalp and minimise seasonal hair loss.

1. Cleansing: quality over quantity

The golden rule is to tone down the amount of shampoo used per session and not to cleanse the hair too frequently. It is sufficient to cleanse the hair 2 - 3 times a week. Frequent shampooing can lead to impairing the natural protective barrier and cause excessive strain on the scalp and hair. Oily hair types can be cleaned more frequently but keep in mind to use a mild shampoo when doing so. It is more than sufficient to use a nut-sized amount of shampoo when cleaning the hair. Stay clear of using hot water as this will dehydrate the scalp. Opt for lukewarm water instead.

Our tip: The NUORI Shield Shampoo is suitable for all hair and scalp types. It provides a gentle cleanse, provides the skin and scalp with intensive moisture and offers UV protection.

2. Minimise seasonal hair loss

Increased hair loss is more common during spring. Oftentimes, it occurs due to trace elements or vitamin deficiency. Therefore, increasing your intake of B vitamins, zinc, copper, ginkgo and vitamin C is recommended. Furthermore, hormonal imbalances, stress, poor diets and dry indoor air can amplify hair loss.

Our tip: The naturally-derived Hair Activator by Natucain is a highly effective tonic spray that noticeably minimises hair loss.

3. Detangle your hair the right way

We often reach for a comb or a brush to detangle the hair. However, it is crucial to use tools that will not damage the hair in the process. Be sure that the bristles are soft, gentle and round. Avoid tools that do not pass the scratch text on the back of the hand, especially brushes with sharp bristles or combs with unpolished teeth. This may lead to server damage.

Our tip: The Ultimate Hairbrush by Tangle Teezer provides perfect control when detangling and styling the hair. It detangles and gets rid of knots without any tugging.

4. An extra portion of care after the stresses and strains of winter

Winter is not the ideal time for our hair. Wearing woollen caps can often cause hair breakage while dry indoor air results in dehydration. Give your hair the love and care that it deserves using hair masks and hair oils that restore the hair's natural shine.

Our tip: The ikoo Deep Caring Mask is ideal for all hair types, dry hair in particular. It contains intensive-care ingredients that give your hair the deep treatment that it requires.

5. Time for sun protection

UV rays have damaging effects on both the skin and the hair if not adequately protected. They damage the hair cuticles, weaken the bridge between the keratin layers and dehydrate the hair follicles. The effects of the sun are often underestimated during spring. Shield your hair against the effects of the sun as you do your skin: integrate SPF into your hair care routine.

Our tip: The Hydration Detangler +UV Barrier by Rahua is a leave-in product that guards the hair against damage caused by UV rays whilst enhancing suppleness and improving hair manageability.