The Secret Behind Alkaline-based Skincare

The Secret Behind Alkaline-based Skincare

Meet the Founder

Two friends, Markus and Eileen, are the brains behind the British skincare brand Sönd - an effective cosmetic range targeted towards sensitive and problematic skin types. We reached out to Markus to get some insights into how their beauty brand can benefit your skin.

What makes Sönd so special?

Markus: "Our products support the natural alkaline environment of the skin. Virtually all other products on the market have an acidic pH value. This makes our collection fundamentally different from the rest. This approach has led to our customers achieving results never seen before. Our products penetrate the layers of the skin to support healing and regeneration. The skin is naturally alkaline-based at this level - as are the products that we manufacture."

What are the benefits of alkaline-based skincare?

Markus: "The alkaline approach offers four main advantages: firstly, the skin is supplied with moisture. Secondly, alkaline-based skincare stimulates the natural pH level of the body, i.e. the skin, and this ensures optimum cell function which, in turn, strengthens the skin's natural defences. Lastly, the connective tissue is fortified preserving skin suppleness."

Why the name "Sönd"?

Markus: "Our skin, and the appearance thereof, strongly influences how we feel. For example, if the skin is prone to acne breakouts it could hurt our self-confidence. We want to contribute to people feeling good in their skin. `Sönd´ is inspired from the word `special´. We, therefore, opted for ´Sond´ and added a mutated vowel to trace it back to its German roots.

Which products make up your assortment and can they be combined with different products (from other brands)?

Markus: "We currently have 5 products in our assortment: a cleansing cream, day cream, night cream, serum and silica food supplements. Seeing as most of the products on the market are acid-based, our formulas can counteract these effects, which is what we want to achieve with our formulas. We are aware that skin is individual in its needs and structure, and that there is no one-product-fits-all solution. Therefore, we urge customers to use what's best for their skin type.

Our product formulas are free from parabens, sulphates, phthalates and formaldehyde - or any other similar components that go by different names. We have not and will never test our products on animals."

Which skin types is the Sönd product line developed for?

Markus: "The products are developed for people with sensitive and problematic skin. Customers who are prone to dry eczema, acne or psoriasis can achieve great results. Due to our having such a radically different approach to our product formulas, customers have noticed remarkable results using them as opposed to using other cosmetics."

Is there a time frame in which change/improvements become visible on the skin?

Markus: "Improvements in the condition of the skin vary from person to person. However, people that suffer from acne, eczema or dry skin often see results within a matter of days."